5 Valentines Dates For 5 Brothers 

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It's Valentine's Day 2021 and we are super single so I hope you like this funny video!

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The girls in this vid and their socials!

Alesandra (Micah's Valentine's Date)
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Lilly Jean (Judah's Valentine's Date)
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Aislinn (Elijah's Valentine's Date)
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Kaley (Josiah's Valentine's Date)

Kayden (Daniel's Valentine's Date)

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AS Playz
AS Playz Pirms 2 Stundām
3:00 just lol
Nicholas Brooks
Nicholas Brooks Pirms 8 Stundām
You are the best shill
Crystal Pirms 10 Stundām
JUDAH should have a carrot date
Blue -
Blue - Pirms 10 Stundām
How most my conversations go when meeting an old friend: 2:37
Regina Hardwick
Regina Hardwick Pirms 14 Stundām
When he sais the perfect girl walks by the perfect girl who walks by
Clementine Uwizera
Clementine Uwizera Pirms 18 Stundām
I think Shiloh is teaching them really good wow like wow
ItsIsabelle Pirms 20 Stundām
aarti rana
aarti rana Pirms 20 Stundām
I can't stop laughing 😂😂😂😂😂😂
charmella and angel
charmella and angel Pirms dienas
I really like Shiloh
Jenny Vinogradsky
Jenny Vinogradsky Pirms dienas
How old is that baby
Amanda LeMay
Amanda LeMay Pirms dienas
Is she a baby wait is Jocelyn a baby oh and I love the song I'm a mini I'm a mini mini my face pick me up let me follow you around adventure hear me
kirsty Campbell
kirsty Campbell Pirms dienas
Not a cute baby
Al zayed Trading
Al zayed Trading Pirms dienas
I thought this was among us
Eldridge Family iPad
This vid:I like sensitive boys I broke my leg vid:mica is really tough like really really tough
Elliot Harrold
Elliot Harrold Pirms 2 dienām
Shiloh is like me she has 5 older brothers I have 4 older brothers I'm the only sister
Tiffany Lee
Tiffany Lee Pirms 2 dienām
Is joencaleyn your niece?…….
Tiffany Lee
Tiffany Lee Pirms dienas
And future people who liked my comment like from Jan 3 2030 or somethin at 2031
Tiffany Lee
Tiffany Lee Pirms dienas
Also can I please know who liked my comment
Lenoel Lantigua
Lenoel Lantigua Pirms 2 dienām
They boys . Get the f out of here me. This is literally me
Lenoel Lantigua
Lenoel Lantigua Pirms 2 dienām
The boys. I need a girlfriend me. What the boys. Screams
YXSM Pirms 2 dienām
wait why is it 12:30 for me when she said it
Angel TTM
Angel TTM Pirms 3 dienām
my sister wants to be elijah s valentines
WatashiwaHidesu- Lol.
WatashiwaHidesu- Lol. Pirms 3 dienām
This is funny LOL! but the way 1 of the girls bite her own lips-
Miguel Jimenez
Miguel Jimenez Pirms 4 dienām
Aren't those girls in among us
DIlan The villan
DIlan The villan Pirms 4 dienām
2:25 How he just comes out of nowhere
Omer Imtiaz
Omer Imtiaz Pirms 4 dienām
The part where Mikeas mini says something to the girl it was so funney
GG1 Pirms 4 dienām
3:04 lol go look
GG1 Pirms 4 dienām
Lele_I hate my life💔
Lele_I hate my life💔 Pirms 5 dienām
I thought she only had 3 brothers- AM I WRONG THOSE ARE MORE THAN 3😑
Fun Time Lydia DLT
Fun Time Lydia DLT Pirms 5 dienām
Dominic Maginnis
Dominic Maginnis Pirms 5 dienām
Guys are the best and amazing
Dominic Maginnis
Dominic Maginnis Pirms 5 dienām
You guys are good on your LVpac channel
Henny UwU
Henny UwU Pirms 5 dienām
I hope this gets in everyone’s recomends
hoorain khan
hoorain khan Pirms 5 dienām
Thank you for this chanal
Darrell Tabar
Darrell Tabar Pirms 5 dienām
Maria Oviedo
Maria Oviedo Pirms 5 dienām
Josiah the green ninja is Lloyd and blue is kai.
naeem ahmed
naeem ahmed Pirms 5 dienām
Microsoft evade blade2
Yesi Suminar
Yesi Suminar Pirms 5 dienām
HAha!😂 the whole thing was funny (also at the end when Shiloh's brother says the little girl is a cute baby and start fighting sort of!😂)
Baron zemo
Baron zemo Pirms 6 dienām
Guys it’s not like everyday a perfect girl walks by Like that why can’t ever happen to us oh wait
Samar Islam
Samar Islam Pirms 6 dienām
Yes you are so cute baby❤️
Slavomir Blažej
Slavomir Blažej Pirms 6 dienām
I like the part where micah does the pull up
Avinaba Halder
Avinaba Halder Pirms 6 dienām
DogLover’s Life
DogLover’s Life Pirms 7 dienām
I’ve been watching this channel ever since it came out and I just love rewatching this video every day to help maintain my mental stability (And for the people that say my channel only started a year ago it’s because I was watching before I made an account so I couldn’t like or subscribe yet)
Jhyriel Deleon
Jhyriel Deleon Pirms 7 dienām
I cant stop laughing hhaha
o l i v i a p a n
o l i v i a p a n Pirms 8 dienām
Poor Shiloh - if I was her I would just go like AUGHHHH but she's really sweet with her brothers and so wise too although she's the youngest
Becky Seibold
Becky Seibold Pirms 8 dienām
i am ur number one fan
GamingFroggo Pirms 9 dienām
nobody else gonna mention how similar one of the girls look to gabby from free rein and that person from coronation street
Milo in the Middle
Milo in the Middle Pirms 9 dienām
Wow 5 brothers I stopped at 3 lol
The Wolf Sports
The Wolf Sports Pirms 9 dienām
Tell Shilo to tell Haden she loves him
Aleksandra Tosic
Aleksandra Tosic Pirms 9 dienām
Its funny cuz Jocelyn was talking to Alessandra
PurpleLatteMel Pirms 9 dienām
The mini crewmate is adorable AND can u do a song called “Doing Tasks In The Dark”?
Mario and shadow Puppets
Mario and shadow Puppets Pirms 9 dienām
Life lesson #1 Dont let Jocelyn play matchmaker
Camilla Romeri
Camilla Romeri Pirms 10 dienām
I love how they don't have Valentine's dates and at the end they have valentines dates
Ariana Chavez
Ariana Chavez Pirms 10 dienām
Tooti Frooty
Tooti Frooty Pirms 10 dienām
I think the boys did really well trying to impress the girls but I think they didn’t have to because they are really cool
dinesh rangana
dinesh rangana Pirms 11 dienām
H H Pirms 11 dienām
yes i agree soo much jostlin is soo cute
Boba Squad
Boba Squad Pirms 11 dienām
Joslin is a toddler not a baby
Iysha S J
Iysha S J Pirms 11 dienām
“I’m not a baby”
tanks world of fun!!
tanks world of fun!! Pirms 12 dienām
Them be like no talking what should we do? Judah: *pulls ring* everyone:NOOO
Jamie Chen
Jamie Chen Pirms 12 dienām
i like the end no yes no yes no yes🤣🤣🤣🤣
Amy Pierre louis
Amy Pierre louis Pirms 12 dienām
Among us Vids
Among us Vids Pirms 12 dienām
There’s only 4
Paul Smyth
Paul Smyth Pirms 12 dienām
the ring omg
amity & luz love
amity & luz love Pirms 13 dienām
amity & luz love
amity & luz love Pirms 13 dienām
Soon cute!!
Lincoln's Stop Motion
Lincoln's Stop Motion Pirms 13 dienām
Ewwww and awwwwwww
Breezy Stone
Breezy Stone Pirms 13 dienām
4:13 beautiful😩
Stephanie Dahms
Stephanie Dahms Pirms 13 dienām
risheekesan arayambath
risheekesan arayambath Pirms 14 dienām
Alexandra was in among us too
Elle Haum
Elle Haum Pirms 14 dienām
Me and BFF are always valentines
Itz•Mira• Pirms 14 dienām
Re-watching this makes me feel embarrassed for them if I were them 😭
panda bambus Cookie crunsch
Me pov:😂😂😂😂😂😂😂this is so embrassing
Nevaeh Brooks
Nevaeh Brooks Pirms 14 dienām
This was funny lol and cute
Tamara Elsawi
Tamara Elsawi Pirms 14 dienām
I love you all your the best
smartart Pirms 14 dienām
Micah- do any of you have the time? Girls- Tell him the time Boys- YEAH!*High fives* Shiloh- Put your hand down!!!
Cleo plays
Cleo plays Pirms 14 dienām
What were you trying to go propose 😂😂😂
My Style
My Style Pirms 15 dienām
I AM SO CUTE!!!!!!!
Joanie Clay
Joanie Clay Pirms 15 dienām
And leave likes on all y’all’s videos
PillowHead Gaming
PillowHead Gaming Pirms 15 dienām
I don’t need to worry about getting a gf because I’m not old enough lol
Asian boi
Asian boi Pirms 15 dienām
Nave Diga
Nave Diga Pirms 15 dienām
But i love your post video mario kart
Abdale Mowlid
Abdale Mowlid Pirms 15 dienām
This is the vedio that I always watch
Sophia Francesca Ridon
Sophia Francesca Ridon Pirms 15 dienām
Jim John
Jim John Pirms 16 dienām
Dorrian Bryant
Dorrian Bryant Pirms 16 dienām
make more among us
JannDiego TV
JannDiego TV Pirms 16 dienām
"i owe that kid 20 bucks"
Ruatdiki Ralte
Ruatdiki Ralte Pirms 17 dienām
Stardamite Pirms 17 dienām
Can you please have Jocelyn in more video’s
Tantan Velasco
Tantan Velasco Pirms 17 dienām
The plan is so funny hahahahahahhahaha the worst plan ever hahahaha
Janet Plays & React
Janet Plays & React Pirms 17 dienām
Shiloh : does anyone have a date Judah :does dating my cat count Shiloh : ........ Me : an animal? XD
Chris Nick
Chris Nick Pirms 18 dienām
Yucca ydjfhvyfhfjgb jgjhgg bbhgrty was the way I was just a fan for this album so far but the new one I love and love this song so far but the game won’t be better but it won’t
Bunni Pirms 18 dienām
Riza Mehrin
Riza Mehrin Pirms 18 dienām
I thought it was among us
FlakyCcinoFAN Pirms 18 dienām
Micah? Did you just call Joeclyn a baby and then u pay her? lol
FlakyCcinoFAN Pirms 18 dienām
Josiah: Yep UH Judah, your up Buddy. Judah: *Walks up to the girls* *Then walks away* Me: Judah! WHY did you not say anything!!!!!!??????
Go creative With vidushi
Go creative With vidushi Pirms 18 dienām
Wow shiloh you have got a lot of siblings
•{RAlexXK_yt}• Pirms 18 dienām
When shiloh talks more mature than her brothers😂😂 In every videos
Harry Oliver
Harry Oliver Pirms 18 dienām
Why did he want to marry them
Harry Oliver
Harry Oliver Pirms 18 dienām
These five weirdos eat chocolate by them self
MHA Guy 13
MHA Guy 13 Pirms 18 dienām
Petition for Jocelyn to take over this whole channel
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