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E Pirms 6 Stundām
Bruh so poor lol i paid 20 mil for my autoshop get rich kid
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon Pirms 8 Stundām
You should atleast do dlc streams, like always did.
These Outdoors
These Outdoors Pirms 13 Stundām
If nobody would buy dlcs and keep playin this game we would have a new one much faster. Everyone please stop playing this game.
Lottabtle 01
Lottabtle 01 Pirms dienas
I’ve already bought the most exspensive one with Max upgrades before I saw this video wish I saw this first
Oliver Mateee
Oliver Mateee Pirms dienas
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon Pirms 8 Stundām
Strawberry is free
sonny day
sonny day Pirms dienas
How do you access the tuning menu in you auto shop? I walk up to the cars but there's no menu coming up. Update. You have to do the first heist setup before you can access it.
Jesse T
Jesse T Pirms dienas
Can u own more then 1 auto shop ?
Adam Abdi
Adam Abdi Pirms dienas
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy Pirms dienas
Wow, I was right, these would be expensive just like all the other DLCs and you had to buy many stuff in order to do the rest.
Robert Martinez
Robert Martinez Pirms dienas
Hey ross maybe you should put free auto shops for prime gaming players 💀instead of clickbaiting you put no work into your shit damn 14 year olds put more work in than you🤣🤣
SINIO Pirms 2 dienām
Am i the only one who cant press right -> in the auto shop if you want to mod your car or sell the costuimer car
SINIO Pirms 12 Stundām
@J0keyy yes it worked ty mate
J0keyy Pirms 19 Stundām
@SINIO it works trust me
SINIO Pirms dienas
@J0keyy ill try
J0keyy Pirms dienas
Just start a job while ur inside the shop quit it and go back
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy Pirms dienas
IncScooby on ❌XBOX❌ NOT ps4 OR pc 200m and modded car acc giveaway end of this month JULY
DreDaye _
DreDaye _ Pirms 2 dienām
Steven Gordon
Steven Gordon Pirms 2 dienām
This video was fucking exruciating. Stop fucking prolonging your words. No one talks like that and didnt need to read out every single fucking garage and upgrade discription word for word. I mean we can easily see all of that in the game. It would have been more usefull if you made a video telling us about the less obvious things in the update like all the quality of life updates like jets spawning closer, the grab all option for getting snacks, the hidden usb's that give you the option of customizing your radio station wheel as well has the new vehicle options in the interaction tab. Things like that.
xAiM Wesley
xAiM Wesley Pirms 2 dienām
I don’t do cheap
Cyber Mentor
Cyber Mentor Pirms 2 dienām
your r an ah , dont buy the staffs
Paul Heap
Paul Heap Pirms 2 dienām
Eeww didn't know this was gonna be the result when I googled. I need a shower now.
THEWIEEHEE Pirms 2 dienām
I have 2000 dollars in gta
Rory Madden
Rory Madden Pirms 2 dienām
Strawberry is free
Nicklas Pirms 2 dienām
I got the Prime thing but strawberry isnt free for me. Still cost 1.7 mil
Matty-D Pirms 2 dienām
Why can't I purchase a tuner vehicle? Do I need to be a certain rep level??
P LEO Pirms 2 dienām
Why my can't custom my own car
Paper Throne
Paper Throne Pirms 2 dienām
He still makes more money than every single one of you
A M Pirms 2 dienām
Now I remember why I stopped watching this dude’s channel. C’mon man get to the point of what’s free..I’m done with subscribing here
*IncScooby on ❌XBOX❌* NOT -ps4- OR -pc- *200m and modded car acc giveaway end of this month JULY*
Xotic NB
Xotic NB Pirms 2 dienām
why won’t it let me customize personal cars?
Curtis Thomasville Dk
Curtis Thomasville Dk Pirms 2 dienām
Msg *sparkingmods* on telegram I got mine from him he's 💯 legit
Randall Pearson
Randall Pearson Pirms 2 dienām
How do you customize cars in the shop like what do you buy?
Gabe on ios
Gabe on ios Pirms 2 dienām
I don’t see the auto shop on my forclosure
Kisame Hoshigaki
Kisame Hoshigaki Pirms 3 dienām
How do I get upgraded my own car in the auto shop ?
Hector Lind
Hector Lind Pirms 3 dienām
Can someone help me? I literally do not see mod shops in my maze banks :/ I see everything else tho
Octanes memehouse
Octanes memehouse Pirms 3 dienām
I can't edit cars in my auto shop??
Hashim khan
Hashim khan Pirms 3 dienām
How does this guy have 3mil subs with so many haters lol
Anthony Kirkwood
Anthony Kirkwood Pirms 3 dienām
Bots and children.
WIKITY WIKITY Pirms 3 dienām
Uhhh the strawberry one was free.
rocks 31
rocks 31 Pirms 3 dienām
why doesn’t it let me mod my car?
Reggie Kennedy
Reggie Kennedy Pirms 3 dienām
FREE AUTO SHOP! =4.2 mil😑
xvrvmo Pirms 3 dienām
can you not trade in properties for the auto shop? im not seeing the option.
Subhan ali #OG Smoke
Subhan ali #OG Smoke Pirms 3 dienām
sonny day
sonny day Pirms 3 dienām
This Mod shop is ok if your a teenager. But real cars are mostly original, even though I can buy a mod shop there's no point spending 4 million on one😄
Nonody worth to remember
Nonody worth to remember Pirms 3 dienām
The Americana theme auto shop, in my opinion, is the best one. Open road theme with a view to the American route 96.
Ezra Pirms 3 dienām
Greate explaining your voice is soothing!!
Kayden Pirms 3 dienām
Flagged for spam
1StyLo8 GriMm6
1StyLo8 GriMm6 Pirms 3 dienām
So if anyone reads this i have duplicate female staff in my auto shop. Does anyone else have this issue???
logxnwhitx Pirms 3 dienām
I just spent the most just to flex.:)
Spider Pirms 3 dienām
its strawberry thats free and not mission row
Jason Hernadez
Jason Hernadez Pirms 3 dienām
Cancerous slow drawn out video
naarmi naarmi
naarmi naarmi Pirms 3 dienām
Mission row lol..its strawberry which is free with amazon prime..man your videos are usless
Moisty Pirms 3 dienām
For some reason I don't have it on foreclosure maze bank. I don't have Auto Shops
Jvyy Marvel
Jvyy Marvel Pirms 3 dienām
What about the ps5 bonus ?!
ASSBUTTFUCKER1200 Pirms 3 dienām
You forget a Thousand things every day make sure this video is one of them
driverles lambo
driverles lambo Pirms 3 dienām
How do I get the Prime bonus?
Zooki Xo
Zooki Xo Pirms 3 dienām
Which car has the tires popping all out from the very first trailer from Rockstar if you go an pause it at -0:17 on their channel curious asff man lol
Remy Kozart
Remy Kozart Pirms 3 dienām
Meme Steak
Meme Steak Pirms 3 dienām
Peopld realise you dont have to watch the video
PR3D4TOR EL1TE Pirms 3 dienām
Free one isn't the cheapest one it's the strawberry shop
christian moreno
christian moreno Pirms 3 dienām
I got Strawberry for free
Steve Fix
Steve Fix Pirms 4 dienām
you could ave spent more on the location so your wrong you can have more expensive bulding with a better logo so its not the most expansive
Jordan Shaw7209
Jordan Shaw7209 Pirms 4 dienām
This is bull shit. They ain’t even real
Mateusz Burczyk
Mateusz Burczyk Pirms 4 dienām
Why put free auto shop If it ain't free
Gamemote Pirms 4 dienām
If anyone wants the customization of sessanta's car I made a video on how to do it.
Sean-_-Maniax Pirms 4 dienām
I have Prime Gaming. Sweet!!
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan Pirms 4 dienām
Run away and don't look back -Arthur Morgan Why tho?
THE FACT MAN Pirms 4 dienām
Fun fact: Venus is the only planet to spin clockwise.
Luhboy Kay
Luhboy Kay Pirms 4 dienām
“I’m ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᶦⁿᵍ ᵗᵒ ᵉᵛᵉʳʸᵒⁿᵉ ʷʰᵒ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᵉˢ ᵗᵒ ᵐᵉ ᵃⁿᵈ ˡᶦᵏᵉˢ ᵗʰᶦˢ ᶜᵒᵐᵐᵉⁿᵗ” …….
MRtiktikSMASH Pirms 4 dienām
This is against terms of service
Allen Zapata
Allen Zapata Pirms 4 dienām
i couldnt find out where to get the free garage. i am an amazon prime member. can someone help
Muy Chakisimo Gaming
Muy Chakisimo Gaming Pirms 4 dienām
Can you make a comparison of car modification prices between a regular shop & owning one? Or anyone got a link to a similar video?
Abell Seyfu
Abell Seyfu Pirms 4 dienām
One doesn’t experience self-transcendence, the illusion of self only dissipates🎈
Yetenekli Oyuncu
Yetenekli Oyuncu Pirms 4 dienām
Bro its not free?!
Fearlivia Pirms 4 dienām
I doesn’t show for me
meh Pirms 4 dienām
Why is this on the trending page? 🤢
Oldmangames Pirms 4 dienām
Man he clickbaits his fans enough I don’t know how they can deal with this insufferable youtuber
Miguel D
Miguel D Pirms 4 dienām
If a person gets to heaven because they kept the commandments or stopped sinning or got baptized, then that would mean that they were saved by their works. But we are not saved by our works! We are saved by grace through faith! Salvation is a completely free gift! Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins (past, present and future), was buried in a tomb, and rose again on the third day. Once a person believes the gospel, they are sealed and they cannot lose their salvation no matter what! Our salvation is not based on how we live. Our rewards in heaven are based on how we live. OSAS.
SaLtY SkItTaLs
SaLtY SkItTaLs Pirms 4 dienām
And if you got twitch prime you can get one for free
PhonyRider Pirms 4 dienām
I have mine connected to Amazon and it’s not fre
VolvoDude 850
VolvoDude 850 Pirms 4 dienām
This is garbage
CG Magicz
CG Magicz Pirms 4 dienām
Why was strawberry free for me
GTWorld.ca Pirms 4 dienām
Strawberry was free for me.
Jor Spiering
Jor Spiering Pirms 4 dienām
Does Someone know how to get the trade price for the dinka jester RR
MarzyG 15
MarzyG 15 Pirms 4 dienām
Wait how do you get the Amazon prime thing on gta for it ?
Doge Void
Doge Void Pirms 4 dienām
Bro he skipped the best part of the cut scene
Kyle Natchios
Kyle Natchios Pirms 4 dienām
If no ones told you this today, let me. I love you. I’m proud of you. Everything’s gonna be okay
Nauany Th
Nauany Th Pirms 4 dienām
Turn to Christ, Jesus loves you, trust in him bring your worries to Jesus , He will turn your situation around for your good with no strings attached because he loves you. So accept Jesus because he is the only way through the father and the only way to be able to go to heaven. Jesus died so that we may have life and be saved from going to hell. Repent Jesus is coming soon.
Nathan Madre
Nathan Madre Pirms 4 dienām
As someone who collects amazon prime gaming 'loot' I just have to say yet again, not ONE time has Rockstar/GTA5 EVER!!!!! given me anything from prime... Most everything claimed keeps a "Failed to transact" in game over and over and over.. Money No, free properties/etc Nope...
william moorman
william moorman Pirms 4 dienām
You have to link your account with them and you will receive the loot.
Nanaki1107 Pirms 4 dienām
Er, pretty sure it is Twitch Prime not Amazon Prime lol
Michelle Butler
Michelle Butler Pirms 4 dienām
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CORVO Pirms 4 dienām
I bought the autoshop in strawberry because there is no Los Santos Custom nearby, so players in session will pass there to repair or modify the car. Just because it's useful
IDxn’tHopStep Pirms 4 dienām
I got mine for free
ExpLosiv_Blrt Pirms 4 dienām
Can someone help me make money ps4
fut almeer
fut almeer Pirms 4 dienām
why can’t i find any
Human Pirms 4 dienām
my guy stretching the video out
C4DMAN 0114
C4DMAN 0114 Pirms 4 dienām
This whole video is so time consuming. SmFh
TimeBucks Pirms 4 dienām
Pretty sure strawberry is free
Dr Demon
Dr Demon Pirms 19 Stundām
@Ali Ian Prime Gaming - Amazon Prime
GhostPlayzWarzone Pirms 2 dienām
@Rislack yes I have done the same as u but I haven’t received the free auto shop but I think it gonna come 7-10 days when claimed
Shaggy420 D
Shaggy420 D Pirms 2 dienām
Wasn't for my one friend
Pedro Pig
Pedro Pig Pirms 2 dienām
Yes it is free u need to buy a bundle for gta
Uselema Pirms 3 dienām
Yes its free for twitch prime
J A Y.
J A Y. Pirms 4 dienām
The title left alone be like-_-
Raw-barniclxx Pirms 4 dienām
L trash video stop uploading please
Lucky Smith
Lucky Smith Pirms 4 dienām
There a lot of scammer on LVpac and Instagram am so glad to come across the the legit vendor @SEGHACKS on telegram modd my account successfully without scamming after sending em money he’s legit 💯💯💯
Wav3y R
Wav3y R Pirms 4 dienām
Strawberry Autoshop is the FREE shop for those who have Amazon Prime
Kros Turbo
Kros Turbo Pirms 4 dienām
Red Aspect
Red Aspect Pirms 4 dienām
I grinded 15 mill from doing Cayo perico heist spent like all of it and I'm broke rn I only have 2 mill
Sethyplum Pirms 4 dienām
No one talking about how it says FREE AUTO SHOP at the start? lol
cj Pirms 4 dienām
Ah shit here we go again
Joon - young
Joon - young Pirms 4 dienām
Le Mese is the best option, gm having access to the highway and the tunnels for get away is handy imo
Spicy shushi
Spicy shushi Pirms 4 dienām
Let’s be honest, we all got baited by the thumbnail
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