FULL REBUILD: Upgrading A 1970 Dodge Challenger Restomod From The Inside Out 

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Detroit Muscle goes on the hunt for their next big build: Project Ultra Violet...a 1970 Challenger. This Mopar is in serious need of a sand blaster! The team salvages a rotted out '70 Challenger with how-to weld in a new metal roof, drip rails and A-pillars. Then, chassis guru Jeff Schwartz brings in his G-Machine chassis to convert uni-body Challenger to a full frame. We show you how to weld in a new trunk pan and fabricate a front cowl panel from scratch before the guys graft the world's first low deck, all aluminum Hemi and T56 six speed gearbox.

Then, it's step-by-step tech on how-to mini tub a muscle car rear end to create clearance for massive tires and celebrity builder Chris Ryan shows how-to lay down metallic paint and graphics on our very purple Challenger. The guys get into how to refurbish an expensive grill, insulate a uni-body plus tips on reassembling brightwork before fabbing a high flow EFI fuel system, serpentine belt drive and dual fan cooling system. Finally, the Mopar interior gets upgraded with performance seats, and a custom dash insert.

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21 apr 2021






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Fazeen I
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guilherme henrique
guilherme henrique Pirms 23 Stundām
2:16:33 rock you like a hurricane knock off version XD
Wxsa Wxsa
Wxsa Wxsa Pirms dienas
i had a 60plymouth push button trans fin on fins on fins rear view on dash board! couldnt find gas cap for 4 days
vin Pirms dienas
Amazing job guys !!
Maria Ramos
Maria Ramos Pirms dienas
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vin Pirms dienas
Enjoyed every bit of this build, i remember those cable TV days on weekends.
Coastal Auto Reaction / The C.A.R. Guys
Wicked build def should have gone with the original wheel idea though those wheels are horrid😕 Sweet car though!
jak power
jak power Pirms dienas
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Bill Hill
Bill Hill Pirms dienas
No offense your ride your way I've always said.The only thing about a resto rod mod get ready to do it again in the next trend in a few years. Keep it stock and it'll hold a better value and more people will want it stock.
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Frank Reda
Frank Reda Pirms dienas
Hello guys, would love to know how much money would it cost to have a 2010 challenger Rt done up like that purple 70 challenger , love the rims. Frank tomkatt555@gmail.com please reply
Gentikoule Tasos
Gentikoule Tasos Pirms 2 dienām
armando patane
armando patane Pirms 2 dienām
Beautiful car/ AWSOME work
Aqua Den
Aqua Den Pirms 2 dienām
The car looks great, but the show is too fake. All the product placements and reps as well as the super clean shop floor and always walls of toolboxes, certainly with the brand name on the front. There are other mechanics on youtube, that more real live.
Bullshot Pirms 3 dienām
This is absolutely superb content. Real craftsmanship. But when are you Americans going to go metric? :o)
Dr. Grant Walker
Dr. Grant Walker Pirms 3 dienām
Can the Swartz frame sit lower in Grand Touring style?
Dr. Grant Walker
Dr. Grant Walker Pirms 3 dienām
just a simply awesome job. You both work well together on television.
Dr. Grant Walker
Dr. Grant Walker Pirms 3 dienām
I loved this. It would be. nice if you could include the prices in the show
Dr. Grant Walker
Dr. Grant Walker Pirms 3 dienām
where did the dash come from?
robo Pirms 3 dienām
cannot imagine...besides the man hours the amount of money for the finished project... beautiful car great video thanks!
Kaylin Johnson
Kaylin Johnson Pirms 4 dienām
i could never work on a car with out my friends bud or coorse to help keep me cool
Kevin Gonzalez
Kevin Gonzalez Pirms 4 dienām
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Creed Sadler Pirms 4 dienām
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Please enter name
Please enter name Pirms 4 dienām
Rims are ugly.. beautiful car though
EbonyPope Pirms 4 dienām
That rust between the roof pieces will come back. They should have fully galvanized the body.
relíquias e aventuras
relíquias e aventuras Pirms 4 dienām
Raudel Rios
Raudel Rios Pirms 4 dienām
Maybe the drivers would feel more relaxed if there wasn’t someone telling them what to do and drive like if I was driving I’d stop immediately, ain’t no one gon tell me how to drive
Danny Oktim
Danny Oktim Pirms 4 dienām
Way to much commercial TV . . . .
User EisNünElf
User EisNünElf Pirms 4 dienām
nice car, shit color
Clint Pirms 4 dienām
That color on the 53 Cadillac at 1:39:04 probably the coolest color I've ever seen.
Drazoric Pirms 4 dienām
Best builds are the ones which go from rusted and half missing, to modded and beautiful.
Death Star
Death Star Pirms 5 dienām
These are the guys you look up after you hit the lottery
Very interesting i didnt stop watching you i wish i was there to help you from close , greetings from Greece ! i am a ford lover with european models 60ties 70ties escorts capris cortinas and so on ......see you again !
J P Pirms 5 dienām
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Donkey garage
Donkey garage Pirms 5 dienām
Devido meu acidente de moto, tenho dificuldade para andar, a seis meses sofri uma fratura esposta na perna onde passei por duas cirurgia, coloquei haste de titânio na tíbia e hoje estou conseguindo com dificuldade dar meu primeiros passos. Só progresso. #donkeygarage
Patriot Reno
Patriot Reno Pirms 6 dienām
Kinda looks like it's mov-in
Dyana Mullican
Dyana Mullican Pirms 6 dienām
That rebuild was so interesting and amazing thank you for sharing with us.
سالم التميمي Salem Altamimi
1:38:21 < 1:40:24 > 1:42:35 - The blank line in the middle of the white line is ( very thin ). It is inconsistent. or irregular. - And it is better to increase the size of the blank line by no more than 3 cm from the point of curvature of the white line (the back half). - Because the white line becomes (( wider )) in the back half. - (The truth is: good job, and the methods used are innovative and convenient.) - But !! I'm sorry - It's really ugly with that thin line. - Good luck.... Peace
Billy Stergiopoulos
Billy Stergiopoulos Pirms 6 dienām
Showing graveyard cars how it should be done
Eran Ariel
Eran Ariel Pirms 6 dienām
28:11 - wooden wheels :) that's hilarious
Taylor Fingerson
Taylor Fingerson Pirms 6 dienām
Mopar or no car!!
apple apple
apple apple Pirms 7 dienām
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Nigel Starke
Nigel Starke Pirms 7 dienām
mkvenn77 Pirms 7 dienām
How do I get you guys to restore my 68 GTO?🤣 This came out amazing.
theMANwhoTSOLDtheWORLD Pirms 7 dienām
Should be Ultra Violent.. being a challenger... the nemesis to the Charger
Ker Loz
Ker Loz Pirms 7 dienām
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Dreez76 Pirms 7 dienām
I'm not much for cars, i prefer MC's. But this is one of the cars i'd make an exception for.
Aber Fleksibel
Aber Fleksibel Pirms 7 dienām
Fast and fourious9
gfuwerk jadfujtas
gfuwerk jadfujtas Pirms 7 dienām
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Echeyde Pirms 7 dienām
well, I was supposed to start working about 2:50:31 ago... Thanks D/M!
gypsymanjeff 21
gypsymanjeff 21 Pirms 7 dienām
Ok everyone ..just scored a barn find ..66 charger fastback 383 4spd car ..1 owner ..tach dash .been sitting since 85..in seattle comtact me if interested
Little Octavio
Little Octavio Pirms 7 dienām
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Jarrick Lewis
Jarrick Lewis Pirms 8 dienām
bro i have a 67 chevlle i need help im in hope arkansas an jus cant get nothing done..
Сергей Pirms 8 dienām
The iron is all rusty inside. It looks good, but the rust will come out soon
jonki leshi
jonki leshi Pirms 8 dienām
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Donnie Gaskill
Donnie Gaskill Pirms 8 dienām
Tkhis was a great video!!! Keep 'em coming... Love the color and the graphics.
LONNIE CLIFTON Pirms 9 dienām
Golden Storm
Golden Storm Pirms 9 dienām
good job guys, but for me the ultimate Dodge Chalenger its this one withouth saker huud the onle Chalenger what am willing to pay eny mony if i haw ;) lvpac.info/home/fZtnntBj386lpYA/video
Sara Barnes
Sara Barnes Pirms 9 dienām
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Glen Webster
Glen Webster Pirms 9 dienām
those wheels make the car look like shit a set of PACER® 229S SILVER MOD Silver rims would look alot better on it
Joe Easton
Joe Easton Pirms 10 dienām
Thanks Joe, thanks Tommy, Jeff , nice find guys! and 1 parting thought Joe, scissors ha ha
George Baker
George Baker Pirms 10 dienām
Where do you go to find there types of cars
Amy jo Jinkerson
Amy jo Jinkerson Pirms 10 dienām
putty city
Amy jo Jinkerson
Amy jo Jinkerson Pirms 10 dienām
it's great to have good tools it makes it easer
Aden Jameson
Aden Jameson Pirms 10 dienām
10:23 that's Cooter Davenport.
Francis Paquin
Francis Paquin Pirms 10 dienām
My dream car!
barhiqa lamofguj
barhiqa lamofguj Pirms 10 dienām
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Ricopolico Pirms 10 dienām
"Collection" in this case means cars that guy could buy at scrap prices. These guys always sound alike. Christ, the shows are really infomercials.
Roasty Toasty
Roasty Toasty Pirms 10 dienām
Joe just sounds like a radio show host. That man could read 50 Shades of Grey and actually make it entertaining.
Murphy Aldrich
Murphy Aldrich Pirms 10 dienām
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lord raptor
lord raptor Pirms 10 dienām
you guys should do a charger next
Flashindapan Pirms 10 dienām
I like both these guys separately but they have zero chemistry as cohost together. It was almost distracting during the build there’s a couple times it seemed like they genuinely hated each other on camera..
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Assurance that have made me invest without the fear of losing, I got four of my friends involved with him already
Giggidygiggidy12 Pirms 11 dienām
I wish I could do stuff like this, amazing work all around guys.
MrUPconductor Pirms 11 dienām
What a beautiful car. I'm not crazy about the white interior, but that's just my opinion.
Alriadi Syah Scom
Alriadi Syah Scom Pirms 11 dienām
Lovely projeck Nice car
Dusan Dabovic
Dusan Dabovic Pirms 11 dienām
I would like more rust-free cabin
Fufner Keywheel
Fufner Keywheel Pirms 11 dienām
Wow they did this build in like 2 hours and a half. Pretty incredible! Grats guys.
John O'Neill
John O'Neill Pirms 11 dienām
I'd put money on an original kickin the ass of that butchered clunker. Body lines are off. Trunk doesn't line up. Piece of shit.
Vanessa Carroll
Vanessa Carroll Pirms 11 dienām
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Fox Jersey Col
Fox Jersey Col Pirms 11 dienām
Letting that spot light bracket spin... i was like wtf.
benchseatsixpackfourspeedpostsuperbee cornmuffins
Beautiful muscle car!!) 😁👍 wheels/tires 👎🤮
Mash Rien
Mash Rien Pirms 12 dienām
I'm in my late 30s, this car, in original purple, has been my DREAM CAR since I was in middle school. I've always dreamed about rebuilding one from the ground up, and y'all just made a 20+ year fantasy come true.
De Wolfie
De Wolfie Pirms 12 dienām
Think they should've scaled down the white stripes a bit, especially the upper part where the contour of the body almost disappear.
El Burrito
El Burrito Pirms 12 dienām
You could play a great drinking game with this video. Drink anytime they get a replacement part from Classic Industries Drink anytime they drill out spot welds Drink anytime they crack out the airhammer Drink anytime the hosts are passive aggressive to each other
El Burrito
El Burrito Pirms 12 dienām
This show is fantastic!
Wes Brown
Wes Brown Pirms 12 dienām
Starts out a normal video looking for a car then when it comes time to assemble new parts it turns into a bunch of sponsored ads when assembling the car. Car looks good overall though. Just something that stuck out to me while watching the build
T Sm
T Sm Pirms 12 dienām
I had a 70 Challenger years ago. I would like to see how much $$$ they put into it.
Wes Brown
Wes Brown Pirms 12 dienām
Probably not much. Car was probably sponsored fully by all the company names they read off. If me or you tried to build one. Probably would cost over $100k+
D William
D William Pirms 12 dienām
My first car was a 1970 Challenger bought used in 1982 for $650 bucks. 318, slap stick auto. Restored it with my buddies and right before the paint job wrapped it around a telephone pole. Miss that car.
Robert Maki
Robert Maki Pirms 12 dienām
How sad that a guy is collecting all those cars and won’t sell them,,, would rather let them rot .. ok.. I say you are a dumbass... I’d sell them all if I wasn’t going to restore them.. I’d be happy someone was going to do them right
joespeed1952 Pirms 12 dienām
I like literally everything except the wheels. You don't need 14" brakes on a 500HP Hemi car, and you for sure should've used Rallye Wheels on it, but whatever...
Dylan Doggett
Dylan Doggett Pirms 12 dienām
fake southern accent on the younger guy is a bit over the top
jody fresnack
jody fresnack Pirms 13 dienām
I think the reason these cars are getting astronomical prices on the TV auctions is, these cars were junk back in the day and not many of them survived because of that. The king of the streets in those days was the 396 Chevelle. I myself had a 67 GTO. The only cars I never beat in a street drag race were 396 Chevelle‘s. They would pull me by a car length at the start, and that was it. I am lucky I survived those days with drum brakes on these cars that would not go around a corner. I also had a 1968 dodge charger. Just a 383, it happened to be the worst car I ever owned. I put the sixth torque flight transmission in it, The starters sounded terrible on these cars, you could hear the heat riser valve clacking every time you stopped at a red light. If you slam the door it sounded like it was filled with metal knives and forks. They rusted out right in front of your eyes here in the Northeast. One time the steering wheel almost broke my thumb when I floored it at the start of a drag race, and something in the power steering system made the steering wheel and the tires turn all the way to the right instantly. The spokes of the steering wheel hit my thumb and I thought it was broken. I actually went to the hospital.They burned oil. Mopars made lots of noise, they burned a lot of rubber, but they never hooked up and took off like a Chevelle or a gto, or a grand sport. Although I must say, a friend of mine had a Plymouth fury 440 4 speed convertible. We raced fourtimesone night, and we were door handle to door handle the entire time in each race. I was in my GTO, and I had three passengers.He had one passenger. I sold my 1967 GTO 400/four-speed convertible with 42,000 miles on it for $400. I traded my 1968 dodge charger in on a Ford Pinto when gasoline went to $.47 a gallon which caused more panic than the china virus.. one man traded in one year-old Cadillac Eldorado‘s on VW beetles they could be bought for $1188 brand new..the gas lines at all the gas stations. They gave me $600 for the charger on trade on a used Pinto. By the way,That Pinto was the best car I ever owned. I never even had to put air in the tires. It didn’t make enough power to harm itself. I actually had to downshift to third gear on the interstate to maintain my speed on slight up hills.. it wasn’t quite as slow as my VW bugs. I bought one of them every winter for $100 to keep my other cars out of the snow/salt. but the Mopar‘s, kudos, road runners, super bees, they made a lot of noise and a lot of tire smoke, but they couldn’t get out of their own way. It was the 396 Chevelle that was king where i lived.
Robert Lawrence
Robert Lawrence Pirms 13 dienām
That turned out really nice! Only thing I don't like is the low profile tires. Curves and potholes are not good for those. Thanks for sharing this awesome build!
John O'Neill
John O'Neill Pirms 13 dienām
Plus it sucks! Rather have the original with the 318.
GAZ 24 Restoration
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