VIRAL TikTok Photo Hacks ft Piper Rockelle *Boys vs Girls* 

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Screenshot your favorite TikTok photo hack of Piper Rockelle and her crew and tag me on Instagram. I'll follow three of you! Thumbs up if you want more photo hack videos!

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Piper Rockelle and her crew play a game of boys vs girls. I show each team viral TikTok photo hacks, and they have to figure out how it's done in 5 minutes. The winning team takes over the losers TikTok account!! Tag me on Instagram with your favorite photo hack and I'll follow three of you!

Light Painting
To do light painting, you either need a special photo app for your phone or a camera with manual controls.
1. Use a dark room or go outside at night
2. Keep your camera or phone steady - use a tripod or stand
3. Use a long exposure: 1-2 seconds
4. Use a flashlight or other light source to paint in the air
5. To show a person in the shot, make sure to shine some light on them, too

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